Can I Masturbate too much?

This is probably one of the questions that plague teenagers across the planet. Well, this and “how can I get a hot girlfriend/boyfriend and have even more sex?” You can also ask the help of a call girl or call girls. Such questions are natural and should be answered in a truthful manner in order to spread genuine information and not biased opinions. There are a lot of people with different agendas giving advice about sex and not all of them tell the truth.

Frankly there is only a physical limit to masturbation, although most people are unlikely to ever see it. Theoretically any man or woman could masturbate until his genitals are sore from all the rubbing. Practically I’ve never heard of anyone complaining about it. Of course, a person whose genitals are sore from prolonged masturbation and whose arms hurt is more likely to lie in bed with a big smile on the face then going to the pharmacy to buy Ben-Gay. Anyway, this is the only limit to masturbation that I know of.

But seriously, how many people actually reach it? The only problem is that various people belonging to various religions or denominations are busy spreading myths around. I understand that some religions are uncomfortable about sex and are keen to spread their views around, but masturbation and abstinence are personal decisions that should be made individually by each of us.

So my advice is to listen to all parties involved and make up your own mind keeping in mind what’s best for you. And don’t fret about this. Masturbation is perfectly healthy and natural. Actually, it’s the safest form of sex you could engage in, as long as you don’t use somebody else’s toys. Feel free to indulge whenever you feel like it. Men usually want to be with a call girl or call girls, so lets have fun and play safe.

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