The time has finally come when we will wear our most fancy festive clothes, γυναικεία ρούχα without any hesitation! There are a few days left for the holidays, but the Christmas parties have already started. Whether at a shop party, or at home, or at a family table, in December the invitations are many and as much imagination as we have somewhere we get stuck and the classic disappointment of “I have nothing to put” knocks on our door.

But do not be afraid! I am here to give you ideas for your festive outfits. You can use the clothes you already have or make a list of things you want, so you can go to the shops, which are very busy these days.


Metallic fabrics, like sequins, are the hottest part of the holiday season. Whatever you wear, it will definitely catch the eye and make you look impressive. Depending on your style and the style of the party can be worn in a skirt or pants. Combine it with something monochrome on top, a little quieter. An even more interesting suggestion is to put on metal accessories such as shoes or an overcoat. These details will take off even the simplest set.


If not now when? Another festive “must”, perfectly suited for the festive season. A little bolder than metallic fabrics, follow the same logic for its styling and the result will be bright and impressive! You will find more details here.


Velvet makes a dynamic comeback especially during the holiday season. Skirts, dresses, boots and why not, velvet suits! If you want to steal all the looks, try a whole velvet suit combined with high heels, a band t-shirt and a statement necklace!


The suit is an easy solution for a dynamic, modern look. You can find it in infinite colors and fabrics and make it as bright and sexy as you want! You can put a lace blouse or some transparency or no top at all! The latter may not be a good idea for family dinners!

White shirt

You definitely have one in your closet. And yet the white shirt can loosen your hands! Combined with a maxi formal skirt and high heels, it will create a highly classy, ​​festive outfit, which will definitely be discussed. Generally, if you have an impressive piece, such as the skirt I mentioned above, or some pants that you consider to be very formal, and you are not sure what to wear it with, it is most likely to match your white shirt happily. You do not miss anything to try it!

How to wear it

If you are very bold, create a total white look, while if you are not sure that you can support such a stylistic choice, choose a single white piece, such as a skirt, a dress, an overcoat, a scarf or shoes. The clothes you will choose can be combined very nicely with another gray, pink, black or navy blue piece.

Wear all white and contrast with the shoe and the bag. You may find it extravagant to dress in white from head to toe and you are right. Shoes, accessories or any other piece of your outfit you want can be in a more intense color to make a difference.

You can mix with different tones of white and combine eg white with cream.

 Make it white .. “canvas”: Dress in white and choose an overcoat with prints or in a bright color.

White often gets fat, so it needs attention. It would not be such a good idea to wear white, very tight pants if your silhouette will not highlight it properly.

An ideal combination, especially for winter, is the choice of white with metallic shades. It’s what you need for the holidays as it creates a formal and chic style.

Full in red

Red is holidays  and sexy at the same time. When you do not know what to wear put something red! Whatever color your skin is, whatever color your hair is, red immediately highlights you and makes you the center of the room! You will be even more impressive if you make a total red outfit, from top to bottom!