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Select the right thermostat for your home

Select the right thermostat for your home

Choosing a room thermostat is not always a simple matter, especially when the installation we want to control works in both heating and cooling, or when we have additional requirements. To help with the selection, the company καυστήρες Μπότης gather some basic informations you need to know about room thermostats.

What is a room thermostat?

Room thermostat , we call the device used to regulate the temperature of a room.

The sense of room temperature is subjective and depends on various factors such as humidity, outside temperature and of course on the preferences of each person. Older people e.g. feel better at higher room temperatures, unlike younger people who may even feel discomfort at high room temperatures.

In any case, the fluctuation of the room temperature is annoying, since the human body perceives the temperature difference of 1οC as “heat / cold”

The mission of a good room thermostat is to manage the heating / cooling system of our room in such a way that the room temperature is maintained at constant levels, without annoying fluctuations.

Today, there are many models of thermostats on the market, with different purchase costs, different capabilities and most importantly, with different accuracy in setting the desired temperature.

Room thermostats are divided into categories

1. Depending on the system they manage (heating, cooling system, heating and cooling system)

Based on this categorization, thermostats are divided into heating thermostats (suitable for heating only) and fan coils thermostats (suitable for cooling and heating). The second special category, includes room thermostats with the ability to control the fan of the fan coil and on the market today there are models with manual or automatic selection of the operating level of the fan.

2. Depending on how they work

– Simple room thermostats

The simplest form of thermostat is the bimetallic element thermostat:

This type of thermostat supports its operation at the beginning of the bimetallic element, and has an electrical contact as in the figure above, which is closed (current passes = operating command) when the bimetallic element is cold, while it opens (no current passes = the operation) when the bimetallic element is sufficiently heated by room temperature.

The thermostats of this type have a knob for adjusting the sensitivity of the bimetallic element. The user rotates the knob and adjusts the desired temperature. These simple thermostats are very cheap, but they lag behind in temperature measurement accuracy.

– Electronic room thermostats

The next category of thermostats are electronic thermostats, which measure the room temperature with an electric thermocouple and not with a bimetallic plate. These thermostats offer greater accuracy in measuring and regulating the temperature than ordinary ones. 

We should not confuse the “electronic thermostat” with the existence or not of a digital screen. There are electronic thermostats that have a rotary knob on the outside and not a digital display.

PiD control room thermostats

Both simple and electronic room thermostats operate “on / off”, opening and closing their contact when the room temperature reaches the desired setting. This means that the on / off room thermostats ignore the actual temperature in the room and all they perceive is whether or not the room has a certain temperature (the one we set at the controller). In fact, they realize it, since the temperature has (or does not have) the specific value, that is, when it is late.  

This digital (0 = no, 1 = yes) state, results in the room temperature not being constant and equal to the desired, but there is a variation, which depending on the quality of the conventional thermostat or inertia of the house, can become very annoying.

The phenomenon is especially noticeable in houses with poor insulation that cool quickly, in which especially in spring and autumn (when winter is not very heavy) we feel alternately warming and cooling.

In addition to being annoying, this phenomenon is also costly, because the extra energy consumed to raise the temperature beyond the desired limit, is wasted and not only does not please us, but instead bothers us.

PiD control thermostats, unlike conventional ones, not only know if the room has or does not have a specific temperature, but they know at all times not only what the room temperature is, but also how fast it goes up (or down), with As a result, PiD control thermostats can predict the time at which the temperature will reach the desired value in advance, and activate the heating (solenoid valve or burner) in advance, so that the room temperature is equal to the desired.

PiD control thermostats can and do achieve excellent comfort conditions since the temperature is stable, but also maximum economy, because the room does not heat up more than it should.

The installation of a PiD control thermostat in underfloor installations (where the inertia of the heating system is high) drastically improves the time lag of the temperature in relation to the value that we set in the thermostat.

3. Depending on the existence or not of a digital screen

There are two main types of thermostats here, those with a rotary control and those with a digital display. The presence of the digital display helps to indicate the current temperature and to precisely adjust the room temperature. Only electronic thermostats and PiD control thermostats can carry a digital display.

4. Depending on their supply

There are models of thermostats that operate on mains voltage (230V) and thermostats that operate on an additional battery. The second category of thermostats is preferable, because the operation of the thermostat and its programming are not affected by PPC interruptions, but attention must be paid to the type of battery so that it has a long life and is easy and economical to replace. We prefer thermostats that run on common AA or AAA batteries.

5. Depending on the additional functions

The room thermostats , depending on the model, can offer additional functions, such as:

– Additional command for hot water with separate button (for heating thermostats)

– Additional fan speed selection command (concerns fan coils thermostats)

– Automatic winter / summer switch (for cooling / heating thermostats)

– Possibility of remote control with switch or modem (to activate the installation remotely by phone)

Ability to display humidity

– Ability to lock setting width (so that a visitor can not change the setting beyond certain limits)

6. Depending on the possibility of scheduling

Thermostats that have a schedule can set different temperatures in the room, according to a schedule entered by the user.

With such a thermostat, it is possible to schedule the time in such a way that during the day we have a temperature e.g. 21οC and at night to have a temperature e.g. 18οC and the change of the desired temperature to be done in such a way that we do not have to remember to turn on or off the heating every day.

Scheduling offers a number of benefits, such as the ability to find our space in the morning when we wake up at the desired temperature.

More economical operation of the cooling heating system.

It is common for timed thermostats to offer up to 3 heating periods, so 6 day / night temperature variations per twenty-four hours. Thus, we can e.g. to set a timetable so that:

  • from 7:00 to 8:00 in the morning to have a temperature in the room 21οC (1st heating period)
  • from 8:00 to 12:00 to have a room temperature of 18οC
  • from 12:00 to 14:00 to have a room temperature of 21οC (2nd heating period)
  • from 14:00 to 17:00 to have a room temperature of 18οC
  • from 17:00 to 22:00 to have a room temperature of 21οC (3rd heating period)
  • from 22:00 until the next day in the morning to have at 18oC.
Depending on the scheduling possibilities, the thermostats are divided into:

1. Thermostats with daily schedule, where we can enter the same schedule for all days of the week

2. Semi-weekly timers to which we can insert a different schedule for weekdays and weekends and

3. Weekly thermostats where we can enter a different schedule for each day of the week separately.

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Gikas Painting Service in Montclair

How much does it cost to paint a house exterior?

After a few years, the house facade needs a nice exterior painting. These are always demanding jobs and in particular, if you live in a condominium the discussion about how much it costs to paint an external facade of the house is always very heated. Clearly knowing the cost of exterior painting is essential to sustain a discussion.

Certainly, in a condominium meeting, we are not only discussing the costs and prices of the paintings but also how to deal with the theme of aesthetics of the facade and the choice of exterior paints. Paints with silicates, quartz, siloxanche, self-cleaning, and many others. But also for the choice of paint and color, the first thing is the cost of external painting per square meter of the facade.

The goal of this article is to see in detail how much it costs to paint the exterior facade of your house. Read on to understand all the costs and prices for the exterior painting of a condominium facade.

The cost of external painting per square meter

The cost for exterior facade painting depends on several items. Wanting to give an average, we can assume that to paint the outside of the house you need about € 10 – € 40 per square meter. Let’s analyze what are the cost items that can affect the final price

  • Paint for exteriors: quartz, silicates, lime, siloxane
  • Plaster: to evaluate whether the existing plaster is good or damaged. if we have to shave and if we need plastering on the wall
  • Scaffolding: if you have to paint the facade of a house, you will need fixed or mobile scaffolding for small sizes.
  • Labor: The hourly cost of a house painter or construction company for large jobs
In addition to the type of paint that one chooses, the price of labor, scaffolding and other processes changes a lot depending on the paint preparation, interior painting or exterior painting. The market is very variable in Montclair.
For this reason, to know the prices well, ask for a quote to paint the grati s facade . Talk to the company or the specialized painter, have an inspection done and choose the best quote. When evaluating a quote, check if the material is included or is separate.

Painting for exteriors: prices per square meter per type

In the previous paragraph, we saw how much it costs to paint the exterior of the house and the exterior facade of the house considering all the components that generate the final price. Among these items, the price of exterior paint is an important variable that affects the total cost of painting a facade.

There are various types of outdoor paints, from ecological ones to washable, transpiring ones, and more. Each painting has a different cost per square meter and may require special processing. Let’s see some external painting prices with the most used paints.

Lime-based paint for exteriors

The lime paint for the exterior is a mineral product. It is the oldest outdoor paint and is made up of lime diluted in water with other natural components. Lime paint is natural, it does not contain toxic or plastic elements.

It is very breathable and is used for exterior facades that require excellent insulation. It resists temperature variations very well and guarantees the absence of mold. The cost of lime paint for exteriors starts from € 10 per square meter.

Siloxane paint for exteriors

The siloxane painting uses the siloxane resin as a binder. This resin has a high ability to repel water and promote evaporation to the outside. Due to these characteristics, siloxane paint has the best breathability among exterior paints and is also water-repellent.

Thanks to the resin it is very resistant to freeze-thaw cycles and to thermal changes. It resists mold and atmospheric agents very well. This paint can also be used for the interior of the house. The cost of siloxane paint is average starting from a price of € 11 per square meter.

Quartz paint for exteriors

The quartz paint is composed of water, resins, and tiny grains of quartz. The quartz grains fit into all the irregularities of the structure which is painted with quartz paint. This paint is also water repellent and resists mold and atmospheric agents.

Widely used in areas with high humidity. We also find it as a decorative element for balconies, terraces, and cornices. Extremely long-lasting. The price of quartz painting is among the cheapest starting from 7 € per square meter.

Silicate paint for exteriors

The silicate paint is based on potassium silicate. This paint is also mineral-based, potassium silicate. Since it is a paint that must chemically bond with the underlying substrate, it is not recommended to paint with a silicate paint directly over an existing paint.

When using this paint it is advisable to first proceed with the removal regardless of the color. It has great resistance to atmospheric agents, is breathable and water repellent. They are also used in areas of high humidity and exposed to bad weather. It has a high cost compared to the others, in fact, the price of external silicate painting starts from € 15 per square meter to go up.

Self-cleaning solvent-based paint for exteriors

The solvent-based paints are made with resins marketed in the form of granules. They are paints with particular characteristics. They can be applied and dried in any climatic condition, becoming resistant to rain immediately after application. Extreme durability and ease of application.

Self-cleaning exterior paints are resistant to alkali, mold, water. High breathability and water repellent. They are called self-cleaning paints because the dirt collected is removed by the action of rain. They are easy to maintain and very washable. Although the price of a solvent-based exterior paint starts at € 16 per square meter and up, the advantage of painting the facade with this paint is considerable.

The choice of paint for the exterior of the house

Now that we have briefly talked about the main exterior paints and have seen the price for painting the exterior with labor, the choice of paint does not remain. Silicates or quartz?  Siloxane or lime? Pliolite ok, but when?

The best thing is to rely on a painter or a construction company with experience, avoiding the do-it-yourself. Ask for a quote to paint the exterior facade of the house and talk to the company to decide on the best exterior paint for your condominium facade.

Change the color of the house exterior and facade

At this point, it is missing to choose the color for the external facade of the house. The choice of color changes if it is a condominium, a modern private villa, a country house, a farmhouse,… Let’s start with the condominium.

The choice of color depends on whether at the meeting it is approved to change the color of the exterior facade. The facade is an architectural element and the painting as routine maintenance must maintain the existing color.

In the case of private homes, unless there are town planning restrictions, you can do as you wish. For example, if you want to choose the color of the facade of a country house you could choose colors that contrast with the roof. Or use light colors to enhance the beauty of the country house surrounded by greenery.

The color of the facade of a modern house will have to stand out against the modern architectural choices of the house. We can have villas with extremely modern minimalist aspects. Let yourself be carried away by your taste but always contact a serious company to paint the facade of the house even if only to change the exterior color of the house.

External painting is ordinary or extraordinary maintenance

In addition to talking about how much it costs to paint the exterior of the house, a sensitive topic in any condominium is the type of work. Is exterior painting an ordinary or extraordinary maintenance?

The remaking of the painting, plasters, and facades cladding is an ordinary maintenance intervention if it is done with materials having the same characteristics and colors as the pre-existing ones.

So if we change the color with modifications, such as the type of fixtures, or by creating openings in the facade, we are carrying out extraordinary maintenance interventions.

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5 Tips how to maintain the wooden floor


5 Tips how to maintain the wooden floor

We love the wooden floor. We love it so much that we can overlook the above effort that requires good maintenance. It is a fact that wood floor maintenance is a process that should not be neglected if you have chosen this material. The feeling it gives to the house is unique and the rooms, which have a wooden floor, exude warmth and calm.

Unfortunately, however, wood, as a material, is quite sensitive. No matter how careful you are, it is very difficult to avoid scratches and marks that lead to a scratched wooden floor. Therefore, how to properly maintain a wooden floor is something that will bother you or will definitely bother you at some point.

With the help of our experienced professionals, we have made a list of the most frequently asked questions and we give solutions to all your questions for the effective maintenance of a wooden floor. In addition, we give you the must tips to renew and maintain the shine of your floor, simply and economically.

Wood floor maintenance: 5 Golden tips to all SOS questions!

1. How to clean the wooden floor?

The installation of a wooden floor will make the house more cozy and welcoming. Proper cleaning is the “A” and “Ω” in wood floor maintenance. For proper cleaning of the wooden floor, it is better to use a parquet for a wooden floor. The parquet for wooden floor is a special broom, which helps in the effective cleaning of the floor, protecting the wooden floor from wear and scratches.

In addition, make sure you get special and approved wood floor cleaners that protect and preserve polished wood. By consistently following these tips, you will be able to maintain your wooden floor for longer.

2. What should I avoid when cleaning the wooden floor?

Liquid detergents, vacuum cleaners and sharp objects are the worst enemies of the wooden floor. In addition, great care must be taken when cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, as many times garbage left on is capable of scratching the wood. Also, there are vacuum cleaner components that are not suitable for wooden floor.

If you are interested in wood floor maintenance, you will have to make some sacrifices in cleaning. It is very important to avoid frequent mopping or at least to use clean water and a dry cloth. Frequent mopping, gradually spoils the appearance of the floor, requiring its repair, to be functional.

3. How to repair scratches on the wooden floor?

In case your wooden floor has scratches or stains, there are ways to deal with them, yourself. If the scratch on the floor is small, try hiding it using a marker. It will not fix the problem, but it will at least temporarily hide the scratched wooden floor.

If the scratches are many (or deep) and are not covered with a marker, it is advisable to consult an experienced professional. A professional floor maker can offer you a more professional result, ensuring a harmonious image on the floor.

To avoid future scratches, place special felt on the furniture. They are everywhere in the trade and can save you from unwanted scratches.

4. How to polish the wooden floor?

Has the wooden floor become dull and needs a note of renewal and shine? If you are thinking: “how to polish the wooden floor”, we have the solution for you and it is very easy. There is a homemade and absolutely ecological recipe that will save you from polishing the wooden floor and will give shine to the space.

Method 1

For the recipe you will need:

  • ¼ φλ. Olive oil
  • ⅓ φλ. White vinegar
  • 5 cups Hot water
  • The essential oil of your choice

After mixing these materials, your cleaner is ready to use. Use a rag and scrub the floor. This process requires hand rubbing the floor, which makes it a demanding job. However, the result will impress you and you will achieve your goal which is the maintenance of a wooden floor.

Method 2

You should know that black tea is a friend of the wooden floor. If you want to make the wooden floor of your house shine, you can use a basin of hot water and add 2 sachets of black tea. Take a rag, dip it in the tea bowl and drain well.

In both cases: Before sanding the parquet with the cloth, make sure that it is almost damp and not wet. Moisture can damage your floor.

5. When is a complete wooden floor repair required?

When the damage is so severe, it covers a large area or even the floor hassuffer year after year. A scratched wooden floor needs to be seen by a wood floor maintenance specialist. All floors can be repaired, as long as you consult the appropriate professional. With the right sanding and polishing it can be made like new!

We hope you have found what you are looking for and that you can solve all your questions about wood floor maintenance. If time has left its mark on the wooden floor of your home, do not give up.

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How to make a kitchen renovation


How to make a kitchen renovation

Home renovation is now the antidote to the stalemate that has occurred in the real estate market in our country due to the crisis. Now it is very difficult for those who live in an old house to buy a new one as they are simply minimal and very expensive. So they choose to make a kitchen renovation and periodically renovate all the other rooms.

On the other hand, if the owner of this old house tries to put his house on the market, he will immediately realize that its value has decreased dramatically, so if he sells it, the price he will receive will be very small and in no case will be enough to buy a newer house.

With the renovation, a house can be significantly changed both from an aesthetic point of view and from a practical or practical point of view. This renewal can of course change the life of the owner in his home, but it can also simply increase its value if it goes on the market.

What are the reasons for kitchen renovation?

So a renovation is not just done by someone who just wants to change their home to improve their quality of life. It can also be done by someone who wants to sell a house and make as much money as possible. In other words, it is aimed at both residents and those who have simply invested in homes and have them to sell or use for rent or as AirBnB accommodation.

For whatever reason you want to make a renovation in your home, one thing is for sure: it is not a simple case and its cost is relatively high. A renovation is an investment from whichever side or point of view you see it and the changes it will bring to your home will radically change your life in it and increase its value, so money, time and the care that will be needed to complete the process as effortlessly as possible.

When we talk about renovations, we rarely talk about chores around the house. Usually some rooms are selected which are the ones that have a more useful side. After all, a living room or a bedroom can be renewed simply by buying new furniture and painting house with new colors.

Renovating a room like the kitchen will not only make it aesthetically pleasing, but it will also make it more functional and fit it into the philosophy and architecture of the 21st Century. Kitchen renovation is therefore one of the most common forms of renovation and is in general one of the most important in any home renovation project.

What makes a kitchen so special and one of the first goals of a renovation?

The answer is simple: the kitchen is not a room where we just sit and sleep or watch TV. It is a room in which we mainly work. It is the room in which we will prepare food and sweets and wash the dishes and glasses of the day.

This means that it should be practical, everything should be placed so that our work can be done as easily as possible and without unnecessary effort. We should also move as comfortably and safely as possible.

Of course the kitchen is not just for cooking. In most homes it is the room where we will eat our food after a hard day at the office, at work or at school. In many cases, it is also the place where we will be with our family or partner. It can even be the room where we will welcome our friends when we invite them home to make them the table. So this space should not just be practical but also offer a pleasant atmosphere and generally create pleasant emotions.

Now I’m sure many of you will be thinking “okay with all this, but how do I do it?” The truth is that in the old houses the design of the kitchen hardly came close to the modern aesthetics and usability. That’s why you should bring your kitchen into the 21st Century.

Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for kitchen renovation.

Layout change

The layout of the kitchen is definitely the factor that determines to a large extent how functional it is. The main points of a kitchen (counter – sink, cabinets, oven, refrigerator) should be placed close to each other so as not to make unnecessary movements and waste of time when cooking.

Modern logic says that the above should be in a triangular arrangement and if you think about it, you will see that this is indeed the most ergonomic way. Many old kitchens, however, do not have such an layout, so it would be good to change it with a somewhat ambitious renovation project.

However, the layout also affects the atmosphere in the kitchen. A sad kitchen is definitely not a place where we want to spend a lot of time and energy and is not the best place to invite our friends. One of the most common renovation work in the kitchen is to combine it with the living room to create a single space, a living room with the dining room in a very open place for as much comfort and “openness” as possible.

Creating a kitchen island

The so-called kitchen islands are one of the most modern but also useful and practical trends in kitchen design. It is a workbench – sometimes with its own sink – which is placed in the center of the kitchen, so that the cook is at the center of the space and has complete control.

In addition, the island can serve as a storage area for utensils and tools and can often be used as a bar or even as a table. It is often framed by chairs like bar stools. A necessary condition for the creation of a kitchen island is that the kitchen space is large enough or that there is – or is created – a living room-kitchen.

Bench change

The kitchen counter suffers on a daily basis and in general, it is definitely one of the most worn “areas” in any kitchen. The older a house is, the worse the condition of its bench will be, even if it is made of a durable and quality material such as marble. Modern aesthetics require more minimal, economical and practical solutions that can maintain their beauty over time.

Today, stainless steel counters and wooden counters dominate, with a special preference for those that look like a cutting surface and give a more rustic note to the kitchen. The change of counter-top will really make your kitchen shine and will definitely significantly change the atmosphere inside it and its usability.

Laying tiles

The tiles on the wall and other parts of the kitchen also suffer a lot from the heat, the vapors but also from the various liquids that reach them by mistake. The result is that they get dirty and look old but also create a very ugly and unpleasant image in the kitchen with the result that it is not very hospitable.

A renovation is a great opportunity to remove your old tiles and install new ones. Of course, you can place tiles of completely different colors from the previous ones, while a very modern and pleasant trend is the colored tiles and the small tiles.

Another option is to remove the tiles from all the walls and leave or place new tiles only in the area behind the main counter, thus creating the so-called back splash, which is a top trend in kitchen design nowadays. Finally, at this stage it would be good to install a safety floor so as not to worry about falls and other accidents in the admittedly most “dangerous” room of the house.

Changing cabinets

The cabinets also suffer from the smoke and humidity of the kitchen but also from their daily and continuous use. Removing them may seem obvious many times, but it is certainly not easy.

A renovation is the best opportunity to get rid of your old cabinets and install new ones which will be even more practical thanks to the special mechanisms and shelves that they will have. Finally, it is understood that the new cabinets should aesthetically and color-wise match the rest of the kitchen environment.

Lighting change

Believe it or not, most kitchens have completely wrong lighting. The lighting that falls from a lamp placed on the ceiling is not ideal for a kitchen because it creates a lot of shadows and makes some preparations difficult during cooking.

In addition, the light from the ceiling is not the best when you are looking for something in your closets or drawers. A very common change is to place light sources – mainly with the use of led strips – in the cupboards and in the areas where you work so that you have the light exactly where you need it. The change you will see will be huge and your life will definitely be easier.

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do-you-need-help…house-renovation/ ‎

Do you need help with your house renovation?

do-you-need-help…house-renovation/ ‎
Do you need help with your house renovation?

If you have decided to go ahead with home renovation in this article, we will give you 8 tips to follow that will lead you to a successful home renovation. Carpentry is a very important part of a renovation so either you are looking for changes for your patio or your floors, we got you covered.

1. Available budget and planning

Before starting work, you need to determine the amount of money you can spend, while at the same time deciding the style and style you want to achieve with your home renovation. Before the start of the works, an architectural study of the space should be done, creating floor plans and photorealistic designs. In this way the final layout and the final aesthetic result will be determined. This ensures that you avoid unpleasant surprises, as well as any delays in the progress of work.

2. Selection of a technical company for home renovation

The company that will undertake the renovation of your space, should have experienced and specialized staff. It is legitimate for the work to be supervised by an engineer. In cases of dismantling of masonry that are load-bearing elements of the construction (stone structures), any demolition without study or control by an engineer, can negatively affect the statics of the building.

As far as exterior painting is concerned, Gikas Painting is the most suitable company to do that. So you should just pick your favourite exterior colours and let them make your house unrecognisable,

3. Issuance of a license

Discuss with the professional you will choose, about the work that you will do in the context of the renovation of your house, if the issuance of a relevant permit by the competent YDOM (Building Service) is required. For example, in the case of painting and reconstruction of exterior masonry coatings, or in the replacement of railings using scaffolding, a small-scale permit is required.

4. Private contract

Did you end up with the company you will work with? Sign a contract with Gikas Painting, which will determine the construction work, the exact cost, and the time of their completion. This way you will have everything you need in your hands even before the renovation project starts.

5. Hydraulic & electrical installation

Is the age of your property over 20-25 years? Its piping and wiring should be checked and assessed by a professional whether they need replacement or not. Their universal replacement will save you a lot more money, in case of their future damage and avoidance of inconvenience (repairs, difficulty in finding identical materials with the existing ones, etc.).

6. Floor layers

When home remodelling work involves the replacement of its floors, you should make sure that the substrate (cement mortar) to which the new tiles or marble will be glued should be in good condition, not showing decay and not being rubbed. . Before laying the tiles, the necessary laying and levelling must be done. To make a good and correct cleaning of the cement mortar from dusts and other related materials.

If you are looking for the best floor experts you need to contact Gikas Painting. You will have the chance to see their projects and previous complete work and get an idea about what your house will look like when they are done!

7. Comparative data

In this section, we will make a comparison of the prices of materials used in the renovation of a house:Frames: White aluminium costs less than those painted in any other colour.
Floors: Tiles are cheaper than wood floors
Structural elements: Metal constructions, as well as constructions from plasterboard, are cheaper and are completed in less time.

Electrical appliances: By purchasing energy class A or B appliances, you will save money on electricity consumption. This is a very important part of your renovation.

8. Installation control

Before the technical company delivers your new home, carry out the necessary checks for the proper operation of all its new installations (electrical, plumbing, kitchen appliances, aluminium motors, etc.). You need to have everything in the right place and make sure that your changes will not have any obstacles.

Put your faith on the experts of carpentry and see your house getting transformed in less than a month!

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