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The hidden costs in car rentals!


Santorini car rental
have observe many
agencies follow a different policy on renting prices and may incur hidden costs. In the following article, Santorini rent a car will examine on the one hand why the additional costs arise and on the other hand help us with what we should pay attention to.

Santorini you will find many car rental agencies, which serve a large number of customers who use car rental for various reasons:

  1. Tourists, visiting Santorini, for their travels in and out of the island.
  2. Professionals who travel for work and want to move comfortably, flexibly and reliably.
  3. Greeks who have come from other parts of Greece or intend to travel outside Santorini and find car rental a more convenient or comfortable solution than using their own vehicle or some means of public transport.

Also for many customers, the reason they are renting is that they are interested in a particular type of vehicle, usually a luxury car (even antiques you can rent today!) Or for cars with a larger capacity, such as vans, for larger companies or transports, as well as and for cars with special features, such as jeeps.

Really car rental in Santorini, but also in general, seems in many cases to be a profitable and correct choice, and not only in terms of cost, since it offers other advantages. And certainly by doing a market research one encounters a variety of offers and promises for very competitive prices.

Make a careful research

However, before 
renting a car, it is advisable to do not superficial, but careful research, paying attention to details and wording, because often behind cheap prices there are hidden costs, and we are ultimately called upon to pay more than the cost we calculated, and it happens the language used to describe the terms and conditions of rental sometimes misleading and also as customers we sometimes tend to take some things for granted and assume that the terms and policy of renting will be more or less the same for the various offices and so we do not give the necessary time. to properly compare the different prices we find in the market. 

So it’s important when it comes to renting a car, before deciding which office in Santorini will use, pay attention to certain factors, to be able to correctly estimate the cost that will arise, as well as the quality of services – and to do so he has to bother to read the fine print too!

The possibility of hidden or additional costs

In summary, the points where different offices follow a different policy and where it is possible for hidden or additional costs to arise are the following.

Fuel policy

First of all, we find different approaches to fuel policy. That is, from some car rental companies you receive the car with a full tank and it is delivered empty, which means that the charge for fuel is already included in the rental price (if you have not emptied it, no compensation/refund is provided for the fuel that you have not used). One thing to keep in mind here is that the litre of petrol/diesel will probably cost you more than what you would pay at a local gas station. Or, more commonly, several companies ask you to deliver the car with as much fuel as you received (otherwise you will be charged extra, so make sure you have the opportunity to fill the tank before delivery and don’t leave it for the last minute. ).

New driver

Other costs that may arise along the way are related to the additional charge for young drivers or who have obtained the driver’s license relatively recently. Several companies are increasing costs to have more guarantees in these cases. If you belong to these categories, don’t just assume that the cost will be the same because you don’t mention anything about it. Declare it from the beginning, to be sure of whether there will be additional costs and what order they will be.

Cancellation policy

There are also differences in the policy pursued cancellations or modifications of a reservation. Find out about the cost before the need to change the reservation arises.

Mileage policy

Another thing to consider depending on the use you want to make in the rental car is the mileage policy, as some companies allow you to drive unlimited miles while others set a limit that if you exceed it you will incur additional costs.

Car extras

Another factor that can inflate the initial rental price is the various optional extras, which are often necessary, for example, baby chairs, anti-skid chains and other similar equipment. Find out in time about their cost.

Delivery location 

If you deliver the car to a location other than the one where you received it, you will likely be charged extra, and this cost is determined by the distance, ie if you deliver it to another city or country this cost may be high or very high. , so it is worth planning how you will move or it is possible to move in advance and request the corresponding update.


Security policy of rental companies

Another issue that you should definitely pay attention to is security policy, on the one hand, because it is without a doubt an important issue and on the other hand because various terminology is used to describe the types of security that may confuse or mislead you. Sometimes basic security is provided and there is an additional cost if you want to be covered by a larger security. Find out about the terms and conditions of insurance against theft, against property damage, against third parties, against bodily harm to persons involved in insurance.

One term you will come across is security with an exemption, which means that in order to get rid of liability in relation to various cases of damage or accident you are charged an additional cost per day. You may have to pay extra for personal insurance as well as for each additional driver. Many times the insurance against material damage does not include specific damages, and it is something you need to keep in mind, as well as it would be good to consider the car for possible damages upon receipt, to avoid the case of being charged later.

Also, a policy implemented by various car rental companies is to freeze some amount from your credit card, which is different from the charge, which in case the car is returned without an accident, is released or the amount is charged and later refunded ( guarantee ).

In general, it is not only the cheap prices that will make someone choose a service, but of course also the quality, or perhaps we would say the relationship between the quality of services offered and the price. However, in order to be able to make your choice, it is important to know both the services that will be provided to him and the price he will be asked to pay for them.

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Should I Rent a Car in Santorini or Take the Bus?

Should I Rent a Car in Santorini or Take the Bus?

There are bus routes from Fira to several locations around Santorini island. But how easy is it to visit the places you want to see by taking public transportation? Santorini is the kind of island that can better be explored on foot (only certain places) and by Santorini car hire.

Taking the bus in Santorini

Public buses from Fira to areas all over the island during peak travel months, offer most routes are at the very least when every hr throughout the day, though bus routines are well-known for altering frequently. Fares range between the equivalent of $2.10 and also $2.81– depending on your destination. Tickets are purchased on the bus. Keep in mind that there aren’t direct buses to villages besides Fira. If you want to reach Oia from Kamari, you would certainly need to take the bus back to Fira after that jump one more bus from Fira to Oia.

Moreover, buses tend to be crowded throughout the summer and undependable during the off-season.

Taking the Ferryboat in Santorini

If you’re planning to do a little island hopping, you can catch a ferry from Athinios (concerning 5 miles south of Fira). To get between Thira and also Thirassia, you can take a ferryboat from Athinios (the island’s main port) or Ammoudi in Oia. If you want to surpass Thirassia to various other, farther away Greek Isles, stick to Athinios. Service regularity relies on the period, yet you can anticipate a minimum of one trip a day in either direction. You can get tickets at the ferryboat port. One-way journeys cost as low as 5 euros.

Booking Santorini car hire

By renting a Santorini car you can travel where ever you want without waiting in the queue with the locals. You can go to your hotel with Santorini airport cars with all your luggage and start your plan any time you wish. Renting a car in Santorini is the best way to get easy around the island visit the famous beaches, museums and go to all beautiful villages. It is vacation time… make the most of it!

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Visit Fira Santorini one of the Most Popular Attractions!

Visit Fira Santorini one of the Most Popular Attractions!

Fira, Santorini’s capital, is among the most popular locations to see on the island. During your journey to Santorini, you certainly want to visit most of the sightseeings. If you do not know where to start from, just take a look at Santorini Tours and choose the one that suits you best.

You certainly want to do the following in Santorini:

  • Discover the famous white as well as blue residences
  • Wander in stunning slim alleys
  • Enjoy trendy boutiques as well as high-end resorts with infinity pools
  • Admire wonderful views of the caldera.

Well, you’re fortunate: Fira has all of this! It’s the perfect Cycladic community, a real postcard scenery. Wander in the city’s alleys and uncover the breathtaking point of views of the sea and the caldera. You will certainly without a doubt fall in love with the island (even if it’s usually crowded!).

From Fira, comply with the gorgeous walking route to get to the towns of Firostefani (just a 10-minute stroll) and also Imerovigli (the highest point of the caldera, half an hour away from Fira). Plan at the very least between 1 and 2 hrs, as you will certainly quit every 2 meters to enjoy the view and also take pictures!

You can additionally walk to the small port of Fira Skala. It’s fairly easy to come down the 587 steps, but returning up can be more difficult, especially under the sun! If you’re too worn out to walk, take Santorini’s cable car. During this great ride, you will certainly appreciate the island from a different angle. You can likewise obtain a trip on a donkey, but I would not suggest it, as the animals are often mistreated.

If you’re a History lover, or if you wish to know more about Santorini, you can check out 2 museums in Fira:

The Gallery of Prehistoric Thera, subjecting remnants discovered in Akrotiri as well as other historical excavations on Santorini. The archaeological gallery and its collection of remains from all Santorini, consisting of vases from Akrotiri. Take a Santorini Historical Private Tour and visit all museums and galleries of the island.

Fira is also an excellent area to enjoy the night life in Santorini: you will discover the island’s ideal bars, dining restaurants as well as cocktail lounge!

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