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Do you need help with your house renovation?

If you have decided to go ahead with home renovation in this article, we will give you 8 tips to follow that will lead you to a successful home renovation. Carpentry is a very important part of a renovation so either you are looking for changes for your patio or your floors, we got you covered.

1. Available budget and planning

Before starting work, you need to determine the amount of money you can spend, while at the same time deciding the style and style you want to achieve with your home renovation. Before the start of the works, an architectural study of the space should be done, creating floor plans and photorealistic designs. In this way the final layout and the final aesthetic result will be determined. This ensures that you avoid unpleasant surprises, as well as any delays in the progress of work.

2. Selection of a technical company for home renovation

The company that will undertake the renovation of your space, should have experienced and specialized staff. It is legitimate for the work to be supervised by an engineer. In cases of dismantling of masonry that are load-bearing elements of the construction (stone structures), any demolition without study or control by an engineer, can negatively affect the statics of the building.

As far as exterior painting is concerned, Gikas Painting is the most suitable company to do that. So you should just pick your favourite exterior colours and let them make your house unrecognisable,

3. Issuance of a license

Discuss with the professional you will choose, about the work that you will do in the context of the renovation of your house, if the issuance of a relevant permit by the competent YDOM (Building Service) is required. For example, in the case of painting and reconstruction of exterior masonry coatings, or in the replacement of railings using scaffolding, a small-scale permit is required.

4. Private contract

Did you end up with the company you will work with? Sign a contract with Gikas Painting, which will determine the construction work, the exact cost, and the time of their completion. This way you will have everything you need in your hands even before the renovation project starts.

5. Hydraulic & electrical installation

Is the age of your property over 20-25 years? Its piping and wiring should be checked and assessed by a professional whether they need replacement or not. Their universal replacement will save you a lot more money, in case of their future damage and avoidance of inconvenience (repairs, difficulty in finding identical materials with the existing ones, etc.).

6. Floor layers

When home remodelling work involves the replacement of its floors, you should make sure that the substrate (cement mortar) to which the new tiles or marble will be glued should be in good condition, not showing decay and not being rubbed. . Before laying the tiles, the necessary laying and levelling must be done. To make a good and correct cleaning of the cement mortar from dusts and other related materials.

If you are looking for the best floor experts you need to contact Gikas Painting. You will have the chance to see their projects and previous complete work and get an idea about what your house will look like when they are done!

7. Comparative data

In this section, we will make a comparison of the prices of materials used in the renovation of a house:Frames: White aluminium costs less than those painted in any other colour.
Floors: Tiles are cheaper than wood floors
Structural elements: Metal constructions, as well as constructions from plasterboard, are cheaper and are completed in less time.

Electrical appliances: By purchasing energy class A or B appliances, you will save money on electricity consumption. This is a very important part of your renovation.

8. Installation control

Before the technical company delivers your new home, carry out the necessary checks for the proper operation of all its new installations (electrical, plumbing, kitchen appliances, aluminium motors, etc.). You need to have everything in the right place and make sure that your changes will not have any obstacles.

Put your faith on the experts of carpentry and see your house getting transformed in less than a month!

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