What about my roofing? Do I need a new roof or just a few simple repairs? Which part of the roof is flashing? You are a homeowner and not a professional homeowner. You can only replace one roof in your lifetime. In addition, roof technology is getting better over the years, and what was typical 15+ years ago may not be the case now. That’s why Gikas Roofing has put together a list to help you with some of the most common roofing questions and answers.

Q. What are the common roof problems we can face with our roof?

A. Roofs have a life. They will not last forever, and eventually, they will need repair or replacement. It is the nature of building materials, weather conditions, age and roofing. Common roof problems include: weather damage from hail, strong winds, ice or overheating, torn or lost shingles from age, leaks around the blinking, creatures that destroy roofing materials or create holes.

Q. Who will install our new roof?

A. We have a fantastic crew that will handle your new roof installation with precision and know-how. We strive to be the best in our trade in New Jersey area and always put the needs of our customers first. We provide a customer experience based on integrity, character and trust.

Q. How long will our roof project last?

A. If you are completing a simple roof repair in your home, your roofing work will be scheduled after a roof inspection. If your roof needs protection from the weather, you can secure the tarpaulin in the meantime. If you need a brand new roof, the installation itself should only take one or two days depending on the size, condition of the existing substrate and weather conditions.

Q. Do you offer free roof inspections?

A. Gikas Roofing offers free roof inspections in most cases. Our goals are to train you in your current home, to make you feel safe in your home, and to call us when it comes time to do a home appraisal. We have experts who can guide you in any problems they may find.

Q. Do you provide guarantees for your roofing facilities?

A. Gikas Roofing definitely do. The warranty is a key feature of a good home. We are sure that our facilities are top notch and the pebbles we place are top notch to offer you the best roof for your home.

Q. Do you always install a new flash with a new roof?

A. You will most likely need new flashes if you need a new roof. We will remove the current damaged or old shingles and evaluate your flash as we progress. The best course of action is to discuss this with your Montclair roofing professional to understand your roof glare needs.

Q. Do we need ventilation on our roof?

A. Good ventilation is a key component of a well-installed roof. If your roof is older or has been hit by a storm, you will probably need new ventilation due to damage or wear. You may also need to upgrade your ventilation components, as ventilation technology can be improved over time and you want the best so that your roof is well worn and within the code requirements for a well-installed roof.

Do you have more questions about roofing?

If you have more questions about roofing services, do not hesitate to contact Gikas Roofing Experts. Their trained roofing professionals would love to help you. They can also come for a roof inspection to guide you on the best options for repairing or replacing your roof.

Your local New Jersey roofing professionals

Gikas roofing strive to bring you the best on rooftops in the Montclair, NJ area. They provide decades of experience, training and knowledge in the housing sector to the needs of this sector. They are a leading roofing company in roof repair and home roof replacement. They will not ask for a deposit for work or materials as a reliable way to stand out from the competition, while offering you the best product and service in Montclair.

When inspecting, installing or repairing your roof, we want to provide you with the best options for the design, fittings and ventilation of your roof. Gikas Roofing is the best roofing contractor who bring you the latest roofing technology, so you know they are proud of their work and their community.

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