After a few years, the house facade needs a nice exterior painting. These are always demanding jobs and in particular, if you live in a condominium the discussion about how much it costs to paint an external facade of the house is always very heated. Clearly knowing the cost of exterior painting is essential to sustain a discussion.

Certainly, in a condominium meeting, we are not only discussing the costs and prices of the paintings but also how to deal with the theme of aesthetics of the facade and the choice of exterior paints. Paints with silicates, quartz, siloxanche, self-cleaning, and many others. But also for the choice of paint and color, the first thing is the cost of external painting per square meter of the facade.

The goal of this article is to see in detail how much it costs to paint the exterior facade of your house. Read on to understand all the costs and prices for the exterior painting of a condominium facade.

The cost of external painting per square meter

The cost for exterior facade painting depends on several items. Wanting to give an average, we can assume that to paint the outside of the house you need about € 10 – € 40 per square meter. Let’s analyze what are the cost items that can affect the final price

  • Paint for exteriors: quartz, silicates, lime, siloxane
  • Plaster: to evaluate whether the existing plaster is good or damaged. if we have to shave and if we need plastering on the wall
  • Scaffolding: if you have to paint the facade of a house, you will need fixed or mobile scaffolding for small sizes.
  • Labor: The hourly cost of a house painter or construction company for large jobs
In addition to the type of paint that one chooses, the price of labor, scaffolding and other processes changes a lot depending on the paint preparation, interior painting or exterior painting. The market is very variable in Montclair.
For this reason, to know the prices well, ask for a quote to paint the grati s facade . Talk to the company or the specialized painter, have an inspection done and choose the best quote. When evaluating a quote, check if the material is included or is separate.

Painting for exteriors: prices per square meter per type

In the previous paragraph, we saw how much it costs to paint the exterior of the house and the exterior facade of the house considering all the components that generate the final price. Among these items, the price of exterior paint is an important variable that affects the total cost of painting a facade.

There are various types of outdoor paints, from ecological ones to washable, transpiring ones, and more. Each painting has a different cost per square meter and may require special processing. Let’s see some external painting prices with the most used paints.

Lime-based paint for exteriors

The lime paint for the exterior is a mineral product. It is the oldest outdoor paint and is made up of lime diluted in water with other natural components. Lime paint is natural, it does not contain toxic or plastic elements.

It is very breathable and is used for exterior facades that require excellent insulation. It resists temperature variations very well and guarantees the absence of mold. The cost of lime paint for exteriors starts from € 10 per square meter.

Siloxane paint for exteriors

The siloxane painting uses the siloxane resin as a binder. This resin has a high ability to repel water and promote evaporation to the outside. Due to these characteristics, siloxane paint has the best breathability among exterior paints and is also water-repellent.

Thanks to the resin it is very resistant to freeze-thaw cycles and to thermal changes. It resists mold and atmospheric agents very well. This paint can also be used for the interior of the house. The cost of siloxane paint is average starting from a price of € 11 per square meter.

Quartz paint for exteriors

The quartz paint is composed of water, resins, and tiny grains of quartz. The quartz grains fit into all the irregularities of the structure which is painted with quartz paint. This paint is also water repellent and resists mold and atmospheric agents.

Widely used in areas with high humidity. We also find it as a decorative element for balconies, terraces, and cornices. Extremely long-lasting. The price of quartz painting is among the cheapest starting from 7 € per square meter.

Silicate paint for exteriors

The silicate paint is based on potassium silicate. This paint is also mineral-based, potassium silicate. Since it is a paint that must chemically bond with the underlying substrate, it is not recommended to paint with a silicate paint directly over an existing paint.

When using this paint it is advisable to first proceed with the removal regardless of the color. It has great resistance to atmospheric agents, is breathable and water repellent. They are also used in areas of high humidity and exposed to bad weather. It has a high cost compared to the others, in fact, the price of external silicate painting starts from € 15 per square meter to go up.

Self-cleaning solvent-based paint for exteriors

The solvent-based paints are made with resins marketed in the form of granules. They are paints with particular characteristics. They can be applied and dried in any climatic condition, becoming resistant to rain immediately after application. Extreme durability and ease of application.

Self-cleaning exterior paints are resistant to alkali, mold, water. High breathability and water repellent. They are called self-cleaning paints because the dirt collected is removed by the action of rain. They are easy to maintain and very washable. Although the price of a solvent-based exterior paint starts at € 16 per square meter and up, the advantage of painting the facade with this paint is considerable.

The choice of paint for the exterior of the house

Now that we have briefly talked about the main exterior paints and have seen the price for painting the exterior with labor, the choice of paint does not remain. Silicates or quartz?  Siloxane or lime? Pliolite ok, but when?

The best thing is to rely on a painter or a construction company with experience, avoiding the do-it-yourself. Ask for a quote to paint the exterior facade of the house and talk to the company to decide on the best exterior paint for your condominium facade.

Change the color of the house exterior and facade

At this point, it is missing to choose the color for the external facade of the house. The choice of color changes if it is a condominium, a modern private villa, a country house, a farmhouse,… Let’s start with the condominium.

The choice of color depends on whether at the meeting it is approved to change the color of the exterior facade. The facade is an architectural element and the painting as routine maintenance must maintain the existing color.

In the case of private homes, unless there are town planning restrictions, you can do as you wish. For example, if you want to choose the color of the facade of a country house you could choose colors that contrast with the roof. Or use light colors to enhance the beauty of the country house surrounded by greenery.

The color of the facade of a modern house will have to stand out against the modern architectural choices of the house. We can have villas with extremely modern minimalist aspects. Let yourself be carried away by your taste but always contact a serious company to paint the facade of the house even if only to change the exterior color of the house.

External painting is ordinary or extraordinary maintenance

In addition to talking about how much it costs to paint the exterior of the house, a sensitive topic in any condominium is the type of work. Is exterior painting an ordinary or extraordinary maintenance?

The remaking of the painting, plasters, and facades cladding is an ordinary maintenance intervention if it is done with materials having the same characteristics and colors as the pre-existing ones.

So if we change the color with modifications, such as the type of fixtures, or by creating openings in the facade, we are carrying out extraordinary maintenance interventions.

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