The house painter is a classic job that presents many hidden difficulties. Like painting, even the decoration of the rooms is an art. Too many are those who think it is an easy job with obvious implications. Often they turn to a son, a grandson, a friend to paint the walls of a house and a room, often with disastrous results.

An aparentemente easy, in a short time it can become stressful, and so, something had to be done in one or two days, can come to take weeks and with very disappointing results. So what are the basic points for choosing a painter?

There are many products that are seen in shopping centers and that promise miracles. To be honest, a good professional painters of Gikas Painting in Montclair, with good professional training and experience, needs nothing more than a roller and a brush, a ladder, and a good product.

Choose a professional house painter

If you go to professionals, there are some points that need to be clarified. In this case, it is quite common to meet people who promise wonders and end up doing a terrible job.
Don’t believe too much in the advertisement or description of an advertisement. Obviously, everyone is good at speaking well about their work but few then fully reflect it in the implementation phase.

In this case, it is always better to rely on ‘ experience of friends or acquaintances that you can recommend a good painter who has already worked with them. In case you don’t know anyone who can advise you, then ask for more than a quote or search on the internet for what would be a reasonable price for what you ask for.

The quote is generally free, it is part of the work of these people and there is nothing wrong with refusing it. If the price seems too high, look for another solution by politely dismissing the craftsman.

Surely you will have to try to refer to a painter who carries out this activity as his main profession, as he will certainly be able to do a better job than those who, on the other hand, simply take care of rounding thanks to the whitewashing of the walls.

Also, if the painter has been recommended to you by another person, try to take a moment to evaluate the work he has done. The walls of your friend’s house will speak much more than any kind of personal opinion.

You can, for example, notice if the painter has left stains of color, if he has not covered the skirting board well, or if he has limited himself in the choice of paint, opting for poor quality materials.

The guarantees to be requested from a house painter

Part of the choice is also determined by the guarantees people can offer you. Clarify immediately the time it will take to complete the work, and ask them what guarantees they offer, that is, which they are willing to give you in case further delays arise.

Ask them how many people will come to work and consider any advice they are willing to offer you, or corrections to your idea: it is a symptom of professionalism to identify from the beginning what problems they will encounter. If they ask you for a quote, it is usually to buy the material; do not pay for the work in advance because if something goes wrong it will be more difficult for them to return all the money; ask them for invoices and receipts for the material they are charging you, it is your right.

If you seem unwelcome to do so, you can always appeal to the fact that you need to get it off your taxes.

In many cases, moreover, the clients tend to want to save as much as possible by referring to the systems of sale of vouchers to obtain the whitewashing of the house. The advantage that you will have, for example, by choosing a coupon will certainly be the price, which will be very competitive.

However, in many cases, customers have reported bad experiences related to such systems: in fact, a house painter will certainly work less willingly if he knows he is being paid little. Since your home will need to be refreshed, the advice is always not to limit the price paid too much.

On the other hand, a professional always has the right to be fairly remunerated for the work done and this should be a detail not to be overlooked even in the case of a house painter.

How to behave during the activities of the painter

Once you have chosen your painter, you can agree on the day to start the work, also trying to coordinate the activities with your available time.

It may be advisable in these cases, as far as possible, to monitor the work, present yourself on the spot and check how it is progressing. For example, check the coverage that will be carried out before the work is carried out: the furniture must be covered, as well as the fixtures and the skirting board, in order to avoid requiring an exhausting cleaning at the end the whitewashing activities.

Remember that included in the service should also be the sanding of the walls and the cleaning of any drops of paint on objects and floors.

Always try to clarify every type of detail and do not be afraid to ask for clarification, even during the performance of the activities: sometimes a simple question can protect you from many subsequent problems and also from the classic misunderstandings that can occur in these cases.

Sometimes, small details increase empathy and make workers perform their tasks with more enthusiasm: you can offer from time to time a coffee, a drink, or a snack. Workers will appreciate you as a person and will do the job with the best of intentions.

Finally, before you get to pay the price for the work done, take care of:

  • Carry out a general “reconnaissance“, checking what the painter has done and if everything is as agreed
  • Evaluate together with the professional what types of interventions have been carried out, and if it is necessary to integrate the work performed
  • Review all the expenses that the painter has faced, also requesting the receipts or receipts for the material that he has actually purchased
  • Always ask for an invoice or receipt for the work they have done you. In this way, you can use these “proofs” to be able to deduct any expenses in the tax return. You will also avoid feeding illegal work and all the undeclared work that is often present at the level of craft activities in general.

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