One of the major problems afflicting property ownership (property surveys) in Greece has been the legal unpredictability developed by the way the local Land Windows registries were arranged and operated. Aim of the Land Registries is to make certain the publicity of real estate rights. The term “attention” describes making it possible for any 3rd party to look into the real property status of a person.

Because of the way the Land Registries are arranged, any type of research study concerning property deals (e.g. actions relating to purchases as well as sales, parental contributions, donations, inheritance approvals etc.) starts on the basis of a certain person or legal entity, making up an advertisement personal system. So, the Land Registry indexes persons, not buildings, thus providing any kind of real estate study incomplete.

The only way of securely showing the condition of realty ownership is the Cadastre system. The Greek National Cadastre constantly checks as well as updates the possession status of every real property located within the Greek territory. It provides none of the disadvantages of the Land Registries’ above-mentioned ad personal system. In the Cadastre, residential property research is carried out based out persons, yet on the home itself.

Every residential or commercial property has its very own record, its own recommendation number, its own identity. All info concerning the home is signed up in its record, hence allowing us to safely track its possession history. The National Cadastre provides substantial protection to 3rd parties transacting in good faith with real property proprietors.

This is the objective of the “cadastral survey,” e.g. the enrolment of the entire Greek geographical area in the Cadastre. In some regions of Greece there is currently a Personnel Cadastre, while in other areas the cadastral study is still underway. The lawful framework for Personnel Cadastres is provided as well as controlled by Law 2664/1998, as modified and currently in force, while the lawful framework for the regions undergoing cadastral survey is managed by Law 2308/1995, as amended and also presently active.

Objective of the cadastral study is to videotape existing registrable civil liberties as well as their proprietors. The cadastral study procedure is carried out according to a predefined schedule. It starts when an area is proclaimed to be “under cadastral survey” and it is finished when the operative Cadastre Office in this area commences its operation.

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